Updated 29th May 2020

1   Q. Who are the Tri-Nations Members?

A. The company consists of two directors from each of the England Darts Organisation, Scottish Darts Association and Welsh Darts Organisation.

2   Q. When were the Tri-Nations formed?

A. It was registered at Companies House on February 6th 2020.

3   Q. Who owns the Tri-Nations.
A. The Tri-Nations belongs equally to England, Scotland and Wales National Organisations.

4   Q. How were the Directors chosen?

A. Each country after their annual AGM’s will nominate two of their officials to serve on the Tri-Nations based on the experience and expertise they have within their respective Country.

5   Q. Is this process democratic?
A. It is exactly the same process that has been in place for over 40 years in the BDO, where some of the elected BDO Ltd Board from the counties AGM, were then nominated internally from that group of officials to run BDO Enterprises, again from people with unique expertise and experience.
There has never been a direct election from the Counties to the Enterprise Board, which has been accepted without question for 40 years.
You could liken it to a Member of Parliament being elected then the prime minister would put certain of the group to ministerial positions, again based on the expertise and experience they can bring to the position

6   Q. Can a director of the Tri-Nations be removed from the position?
A. Yes!
At each of the countries annual AGM’s, the members have the right to elect or not re-elect any persons on to their national executive, no one can be nominated on to the Tri-Nations executive that is not an elected member of their own country, similarly should a standing office not be re-elected onto their countries executive at their annual AGM, and is current a member of the Tri-Nations executive, then they would have to relinquish that position within the Tri-Nations and the country concerned would nominate a new person from within their executive to take his/her place.

7    Q. Can you confirm the Tri-Nations Directors?

A. Jean Haywood (England Tournament Director), Cliff Murray (Scotland Secretary, John Smith (Scotland Chairman), Tommy Thompson (England Chairman), John Williams (Wales Secretary) and Wayne Williams (Wales Chairman). between them they have also been involved with the BICC system well in excess of 200 years.

8    Q. It was stated on social media that the Tri-Nations were formed before the 6th February 2020, which is the case?

A. The three Countries have been meeting regularly to discuss matters relative to the three Countries and it was during one of these meetings that they decided to make a formal Company which was then registered with Companies House on 6th February 2020.

9    Q. What is the voting procedure in the Tri-Nations?

A. All three Countries will have to agree unanimously before any matter is agreed.

10  Q. Why did you decide that decisions should be unanimous across the three countries representatives, other than just a majority of two from three members?

A. In the very difficult times our darts had gone through and the uncertainty these issues had caused not only to our core players but in the market place, we all felt that a show of solidarity and a 100% commitment of co-operation to a passage forward was imperative. We keep hearing from dart players and officials that organisations need to start to work together, so the three biggest organisations in Britain are now fully committed by the question above to work as one unit, whilst still maintaining their independence as National bodies serving their members.

11  Q. Can you confirm if the Tri-Nations have a bank account?

A. Whilst it wasn’t a priority to us, as we are not currently trading and the chances of any meaningful darts events taking place are probably many months away, nevertheless it seems to be an issue to some people, so we are now in the process of setting up an account over the next few weeks or so, with the difficulties of getting mandates counter signed etc;

12  Q. It was initially quoted that the Tri-Nations was setup to take over the BICC should the BDO fold, why did the Tri-Nations then put out a proposal when the BDO is still operating?

A. The Tri-Nations were constantly being asked if we would step in should the BDO fold, especially after the bad publicity of the World Masters in 2019 and later the World Professional, this was discussed during a meeting of the three Countries and agreed that the Tri-Nations would step in if required. Subsequently each of the Countries was constantly asked by numerous people to clarify this to their members and the “Vision and Strategy Plan” was issued as requested.


13  Q. So what will happen to the Tri-Nations if no Counties ask to join the organisation?

A. The Tri-Nations will continue in order to assist each other, with running the respective International teams.


14  Q. If you were to run the Tri-Nations Counties League are the proposals previously issued set in stone?

A. The (England & Wales) league proposal was a suggestion based on a full 100% take up, which at the current time would seem unlikely.

15  Q. Why were the divisions regionalised?

A. It was initially based on the divisions that each County finished in at the end of the 2019/2020 season, with the option to regionalise those divisions (as many people had requested, if regionalisation is not wanted the North and South in each division can just be put together again). It is impossible to plan anything concrete until we have finalised numbers and hopefully at that stage a face to face meeting would be possible and the Counties could agree what format they would like to play under. We need to make it very clear that the only thing that is set in stone is the finances, how the league set-ups work is up to the Counties who sign up to the Tri-Nations

16  Q. Would the playing format be changed?

A. Only if the majority of Counties wanted it changed?

17  Q. What would the entry fees be?

A. The entry fees would be the same as the 2019/2020 BICC season:

County Fee £800

Insurance £100

Membership £10

In addition to these fees there will also be:

Individual County Player Fee £25

Super League Fee (1 per County) £140

18  Q. What would the prize monies be?

A. The same as should have been paid out at the end of the 2019/2020 BDO BICC season, plus the achievement awards.





3rd Place


4th Place


5th Place


6th Place


7th Place


8th Place


9th Place


10th Place


Total Team Prize Find


Should the Counties wish to revamp this payout to an alternative, they are free to vote do so.

19  Q. Will the fees be increased?

A. We have no plans or needs to increase the fees in the imminent future as the fees allow us to run the events we stated in the proposal, as a comprehensive business plan has taken place.

20  Q. In the original “Strategy” plan you suggested that you would hope to secure commercial partnerships, if this was the case, what would happen to any secured money?

A. We would replicate in the Tri-Nations how each of the member countries already trade by re-investing any such money back into the company.
Whilst the three countries have put together a comprehensive budget with allowances to make sure the budget we have presented will show a profit on a very minimal representation of teams into the Tri-Nations, in the future as the number of teams increases, the higher the potential profits attainable.
Our budget plan is fully costed to restore confidence and trust into darts, we are not in the business of second guessing  increased prize monies, reductions of fees, years down the line, until we are 100% able to deliver them, we will not mortgage the business, just to win votes.

21  Q. Looking at the fees, it looks as though there will be a profit made, what will this be used for?

A. In addition to paying out the prize money for the proposed Tri-Nations County League, we want to support the Gold Cup and Champions Cup.
Whilst others seem to have abandoned the long established mandate of the BDO for over 40 years of “Darts For Everyone” we intend to continue with this very laudable initiative, our intention is to support a youth system and the three International teams (youth and seniors).

22  Q. Will players have to play for a Tri-Nations BICC team to be selected for their Country?

A. This will be for the three countries to decide internally as independent national organisations, this will not be for the Tri-Nations to make any global instruction to the three countries.

23  Q. Will new Counties be allowed to enter the Tri-Nations Counties League?

A. The Tri-Nations will obviously give preference on applications to enter the Tri-Nations County League to existing members, however it will also consider any other applications

24  Q. If there are two different BICC systems will teams/players be allowed to play in both?

A. We are currently in conversations with the WDF, who are trying to get 1 weekend per month free of ranking events, so it will in the future to give the players an opportunity of committing to both County and events, dates for the Tri-Nations maybe in subsequent years have different dates to other organisations, if this is the case then the Tri-Nations are not in the business of restricting opportunities for players we are about enhancing them and as such we will not be restricting anyone from any outside organisations from taking part in the Tri-Nations County League

25  Q. If my current County decides to stay in the BDO, could we form another County team from our County to play in the Tri-Nations Counties League?

A. Yes

26  Q. If my County decides to stay in the BDO next season, would we be able to swap and join the Tri-Nations Counties League the following season?
A. We would guess you would have to apply at the following AGM and be voted in by the existing Counties. The League/Division you would enter at would have to be agreed.

27  Q. If a County joins the Tri-Nations Counties League will the player’s previous records be kept?

A. There is no reason why the individual player’s records shouldn’t be continued; in other sports career records are amalgamated.

28  Q. It has been rumoured that the Tri-Nations have met with PDC officials, is this true?

A. Yes.

29  Q. What was the outcome of these meetings?

A. We are keeping the PDC updated of our plans.

30  Q. Is the Tri-Nations a member of the WDF?

A. Not as a full member as the requirements for full membership of the WDF are only open to countries Organisations, however England, Scotland and Wales are all full WDF members.
We can apply to become an associate member of the WDF, but the process of associate membership is being reviewed presently by the WDF.

31  Q. What advantages do the Tri-Nations have as a WDF Member?

A. As previously stated the Tri-Nations is not a full member of the WDF, but the three Countries are full members and as such will  be the only organisation to receive direct  invitations for their players to take part in WDF Invitational events.

32  Q. Previously players winning every BICC match in a season have qualified for the World Masters, will this continue?

A. You would have to ask the BDO if they are running a World Masters to see if that was to be the case. The WDF have announced that they will be running a “Masters type event”, however we are not aware of the qualifying requirements at this stage, so we cannot answer the question, however we have been assured that an allowance will be given to the three country members which form the Tri-Nations.

33  Q. Will the Tri-Nations be running any WDF ranked events?

A. Before any ranked events can be considered, the first requirement would be to get WDF ranking points, the application would need to be placed by a Country and each Country is restricted to six ranking events each. In England’s case it already runs six, so any application would have to be made through Scotland or Wales, unless the WDF gave a dispensation, which is highly unlikely.
However an agreement has been reached should a tournament become a viable financial proposition, we would support each other in achieving ranking points.

34  Q. If the Tri-Nations ran an event, who would run it?

A. It is not something we have discussed in depth at this point, however we would be very fortunate that each of the three Countries have got teams that are very experienced in running International Ranked events (including Tournament Directors, draw specialists, group controllers, stage managers,  equipment managers and erectors, plus they can call on regular MC’s and referees). All three Countries also have their own equipment so we would not have to hire any equipment. 

35  Q. When will a final proposal be made public?

A. We are looking at and will continue to review several matters currently, but with the current situation constantly changing from the government, we cannot set a final date at this stage. We would hope to have a meeting to discuss matters face to face as soon as the current social distancing and unrestricted group gatherings allow it.

36  Q. How can I ask a question of the Tri-Nations Board?

A. We are in the process of setting up a website and social media platforms to give amply opportunities for clarification on any issues.

37  Q. Is there a deadline to join the Tri-Nations?

A. Not at the moment. However if counties have definitely made up their minds then it will give us an indication of the support the Tri-Nations County League could expect.

38  Q. Would the playing rules stay the same?

A. In general the rules would probably stay the same, subject to Counties approval, but we would like to condense and simplify them.

39  Q. Can you confirm if the £140 Super League fee is based on the number of players and is it £140 for both Men’s and Ladies Super Leagues?

A. The £140 is an annual one payment fee for each County, irrespective of the number of players. This has been done so all Counties pay the same fee. It will replace the £1 per player that Counties previously paid in the BDO BICC.

40  Q. Can County fees be paid in instalments?

A. Although this has not been discussed, I would imagine we will make entry into the Tri-Nations as simple as possible

41  Q. Will Darts for Windows still be used in County matches?

A. Yes

42  Q. Who will run the Leagues?

A. This has not been confirmed as yet, but we already have officials who were running divisions in the BDO. Sue Williams (Premier Division), Cliff Murray (Scotland North and South) and John Williams (Division 3), so we have experienced officials already involved. If there is anyone who would like to assist us with the Tri-Nations Counties League, then we would be pleased for their help.

43  Q. Where will the results be published?

A. A Tri-Nations website and facebook page is currently being built and will be used for all information from the Tri-Nations.

44  Q. Can any of the independent countries clarify their current position on Country selection in regards to Tri Nations membership?

A. Presently the situation in England is that your county has to be a member of England, to be considered.

45  Q. I've Been Looking But Can't See Anything Who Running Tri Nation's

A. list of the officials is on the website 

46  Q.

A Is Tri Nations set up to fund the National team And to pay for officials expenses?
      B. With mostly the same people running the Tri Nations what changes are going to be made to super league and county darts to  entice the players back ?

C. The competition darts are they going to be held in different locations up and down the country and not just selsey ?

A. It clearly states in the presentation that the Tri-nations where possible will assist to support the International teams and Youth.
However the word is "assist" not fund, England last published accounts show that the International teams cost England £37.000+ in one calendar year, so to imagine there is anywhere near £120,000 in our proposed presentation is miles away from anything we could possibly achieve in any year of the Tri-Nations.

47  Q. As finance seems to be a major question at the moment is it possible to make a simple comparison of what the 3 options will be, maybe a simple table of what each organisation's proposals are.

A. Unfortunately putting other budgets on our site is not our responsibility, I understand completely what you are saying and if only others would be open to the actual numbers they are basing their proposals on. We know for a fact that 9552 superleague players were registered within the BDO last year, yet they set their budget on 13252, and around the same number so did UKDA or UKAD darts, when you are creating a levy on those numbers the difference could be enormous, and other projections based on them, become unattainable. because our proposal was not based on super league players, which no company has control of, it makes no difference to our proposal and statement that we will make a profit, as we based it on worst case scenario on County players.

48  Q. I am a captain of a Yorkshire Superleague side and I currently do not have any Pro tour players on my team so I am not asking for me personally but are Pro Tour players allowed to play in Superleague or County with the Tri Nation's, I am happy to let you know why I query this

A. As far as Tri-Nations is concerned there are no restrictions on any players playing county darts, as for super league that is and has always been an internal matter between the teams and the county elected officials.

49  Q. As an organisation you have named 2 officials from each of the 3 countries. Have you got subsidiary officials involved and what roles will they be performing?

A. As all current organisations and Individual options, we will invite people to help us promote and run the Tri-Nations this is exactly how all the countries work currently. We have already within our ranks officials who run the BICC, and they are obviously the best people to carry on within the Tri-Nations, County League.

50  Q. As an organisation you have named 2 officials from each of the 3 countries. Have you got subsidiary officials involved and what roles will they be performing?

A. As all current organisations and Individual options, we will invite people to help us promote and run the Tri-Nations this is exactly how all the countries work currently. We have already within our ranks officials who run the BICC, and they are obviously the best people to carry on within the Tri-Nations, County League.